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EXCROSS (EXploiting safety results aCROSS transportation modes) was a Supporting Action of the European Commission to enhance cross-fertilization and synergies between safety research initiatives in the different transportation modes (e.g. road transportation, aviation, etc.)

EXCROSS addressed the fragmentation that exists in Europe between safety initiatives in the different transportation modes, with little cross-domain learning and sharing of experience. In particular, the objectives of this SA were:

  1.  Identify synergies and opportunities for cross fertilization between different transportation modes;
  2.  Identify research gaps common to the different transportation modes, to exploit synergies and remove discrepancies.

The activities were organised around the following main streams:

  1.  Establish a common understanding of safety principles across the different transportation modes, by identifying tacit assumptions and making underlying principles explicit;
  2.  Collection, selection and analysis of past research actions dealing with safety;
  3.  Identification of the main stakeholders and preparation and dissemination of information tailored for their needs.

The project lasted 31 months and ended in April 2014.